About Us


Global Mind Technologies offer world class solutions and contributes in a positive manner to the global labour market. We take the responsibility of updating and training of our candidates and cultivate the value of work in them. In fact, our mission is to offer positivity and credibility to our industry clients so that they can develop a clean work culture at their offices.

For the successful accomplishment of our mission we take the following steps-

  • • Improve the provisional corporate training and offering exhaustive search and screening of the trained candidate market under the umbrella of our brand name.
  • • Outline and initiate a comprehensive approach for the “middle level” corporate training search and selection market under a brand, related to Global Mind Technologies.
  • • Nurture and develop, on a worldwide basis, candidates for diversified domains. All this should be done through precise brands, connected to Global Mind Technologies.


We are completely focused on making a change that will contribute in a constructive manner to our esteemed clients also the jobseekers. We are continuously modernizing and making things and procedures simpler. Our experts and professionals believe in taking care of the fundamental needs of the candidates enrolling in our training program and partake only in markets where we can create a noteworthy impact. We concentrate on few crucial verticals and do not try to juggle too many.

Essential Values:

  • Idea of learning

We perceive that learning cannot be forced. It is basically the participation to create something constructive for the greater good that would last for a lifetime.

Concentrate on the individual

Our conduct and practical awareness identifies the value that work has for the individuals. We strongly believe that enterprises should have an educational and instructive role in people’s lives.

Social Obligation

We are a private body. But we are equally conscious of the public and social role of our entity. These direct us to act with honesty and thorough admiration for laws in the nations where we are functional and to contribute vigorously in the characterization of novel and improved rules for the corporate training market.

Persistent learning and improvement

The readiness to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn is an essential condition for generating our finest conceivable work. We are prepared to quantity and evaluate ourselves according to our accomplishments.


Profitability of our solutions is vital for a vigorous business and for the realization of the stakeholder’s objectives. That is the reason why all our courses are priced according to the world market pricing for corporate training programs.


Perfect teamwork will aid us to achieve our mission and to realize our vision.

What Student Says

The SAS training facilities available in Global Mind Technologies are really good. I am happy that I have chosen Global Mind Technologies for my SAS training.

I have done my JAVAcourse in Global Mind Technologies. The JAVA training done through fast track with just two Global Mind Technologies trainees. Thanks to all.

I changed to better job after learning Business Analysis training course from Global Mind Technologies. I am always thankful to the faculties for teaching real-time concepts in business analysis.

Jordan Smith