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PRIVACY POLICY: The Global Mind Technologies, our Business is in Australia .Privacy Policy which is an essential part of these Terms and Conditions is incorporated here by reference. If you have not yet reviewed the Global Mind Technologies Privacy Policy, then please do so prior to approving to these Terms and Conditions.

PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL USE LIMITATION:Unless otherwise specified, the Product, Materials and training program for your individual and non-commercial use in addressing matter covered by your Product . You may not change copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, duplicate, publish, license, create imitative works from, transfer, or sell any information, products or Product achieved from the Product, Materials.. Any Product, Materials are available only in correlation with Product under a valid Product Number.

NO UNLAWFUL OR PROHIBITED USE:As a condition of your use of the Global Mind Technologies Portal or any Product, you will not use the Materials or Product for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. You may not use the Product, Materials in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or damage any Global Mind Technologies server, or the network(s) linked to any Global Mind Technologies server, or obstruct with any other party’s use and enjoyment of any of the Global Mind Technologies, the Materials or Product. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any Global Mind Technologies Portal, the Materials, Software or Product, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any Global Mind Technologies server or to any of the Global Mind Technologies Portal, the Materials or Product, through hacking, password mining or any other means. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any Global Mind Technologies Portal, the Materials or Product or information through any means other than that specifically permitted to you under a Product Order.

COMMUNICATIONS PRODUCT: Global Mind Technologies may provide you with the use of e-mail Product, addresses, bulletin board Product, instant messaging Product, chat areas, news groups, forums, communities, personal web pages, calendars, file cabinets and/or other message or communication facilities designed to enable you to communicate with Global Mind Technologies employees and others as appropriate to your Product under a Product Order (each a “Communication Product” and collectively “Communication Product”). Communications Product shall only be used under an accepted Product Order, and not for any other purpose. USE OF COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES:You agree to use the Communication Product only to post, send and receive messages and material that are proper and, when applicable, related to the particular Communication Product. By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree that when using the Communication Product, you will not:
o Use the Communication Product in connection with surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise).
o Defame abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.
o Publish post, upload, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information.
o Upload, or otherwise make available, files that contain images, photographs, Product or other material protected by intellectual property laws, including, by way of example, and not as limitation, copyright or trade mark laws (or by rights of privacy or publicity) unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consent to do the same.
o Use any material or information, including images or photographs, which are made available through the Materials in any manner that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other proprietary right of any party.
o Upload files that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancel bots, corrupted files, or any other similar Product or programs that may damage the operation of another’s computer or property of another.
o Advertise or offer to sell or buy any goods or Product for any business purpose, unless such Communication Product specifically allows such messages.
o Download any file posted by another user of a Communication Product that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally reproduced, displayed, performed, and/or distributed in such manner.
o Falsify or delete any proprietary rights notices, such as author attributions, legal or other proper notices or proprietary designations or labels of the origin or source of Product or other material contained in a file that is uploaded.
o Violate any code of conduct or other guidelines which may be applicable for any particular Communication Product.
o Harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including e-mail addresses.
o Violate any applicable laws or regulations.
o Create a false identity for the purpose of misleading Global Mind Technologies or others.
o Use, download or otherwise copy, or provide (whether or not for a fee) to a person or entity any directory of users of the Materials or other user or usage information or any portion thereof.

Global Mind Technologies has no obligation to monitor the Communication Product. However, Global Mind Technologies reserves the right to review materials posted to the Communication Product and to remove any materials in its sole discretion. Global Mind Technologies reserves the right to terminate your access to any or all of the Communication Product at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever.

Global Mind Technologies reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as Global Mind Technologies deems necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, in Global Mind Technologies sole discretion. Any materials uploaded to the Communication Product may be subject to posted limitations on usage, reproduction and/or dissemination; you are responsible for adhering to such limitations if you download the materials. You will be responsible for Global Mind Technologies losses and costs resulting from your breach of this clause.

LINKING: You may not create hyperlinks to any portion of the Global Mind Technologies Portal, nor any Materials or product posted therein.
GENERAL LICENSE RESTRICTIONS: Any other use of the Global Mind Technologies Portal, Product or Materials other than as explicitly permitted by Global Mind Technologies is prohibited. Rights to execute, copy, modify, display, transmit, distribute, manufacture, use, sale are all reserved to Global Mind Technologies its suppliers. Reverse engineering and de compilation of the Software is strictly prohibited.

USER RESPONSIBILITY: Any other use of the Global Mind Technologies Portal, Product or Materials other than as explicitly permitted by Global Mind Technologies is prohibited. Rights to execute, copy, modify, display, transmit, distribute, manufacture, use, sale are all reserved to Global Mind Technologies and its suppliers. Obtaining Global Mind Technologies Services, you agree that you will:
Cooperate with the Global Mind Technologies Trainer: We will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the support to you.

Our experience shows that most issues can be corrected as a result of close cooperation between you and the Trainer. Please listen carefully to the Trainer and follow the Trainer’s instructions. You must confirm that the following conditions are true: The situation giving rise to the question is, reproducible on a single system, i.e., one central processing unit with its workstations and other peripherals; You must have knowledge regarding the hardware system, any software involved, and in the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident; The full system, including software and hardware, is available to you and accessible by you without limit during any telephone discussions with Global Mind Technologies support personnel.

AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCT AND MATERIALS UNDER FORCE MAJUERE CIRCUMSTANCES: Any other use of the Global Mind Technologies Portal, Product, Materials or Software, other than as explicitly permitted by Global Mind Technologies is prohibited. Rights to execute, copy, modify, display, transmit, distribute, manufacture, use, sale are all reserved to Global Mind Technologies and its suppliers.

You hereby acknowledge that circumstances outside of Global Mind Technologies reasonable control (e.g., acts of God, a large scale outbreak of a new computer virus, strikes, riots, wars, other military action, civil disorder, acts of terrorism, fires, floods, vandalism, sabotage, acts of third parties, or the like) may cause significant delays in Global Mind Technologies ability to schedule a support session. You agree that Global Mind Technologies shall not be liable to you or any third party for any direct or indirect damages whatsoever, resulting from such delays and Global Mind Technologies will endeavor to provide the Product as soon as it can and will update you accordingly on the timescale that the Product will be provided.Global Mind Technologies or its suppliers may, at any time, without notice or liability, restrict the use of the Product or limit its time of availability in order to perform maintenance activities and to maintain session control. EXCLUSIONS FROM “SERVICES”:“Product” shall not include the following: any item or activity not covered by the terms of a Product Order; Product beyond the duration limitations identified in your Product Order; problem diagnosis and support that may not be completed because of a problem with your computer or other equipment, or their configuration that is beyond our control .

Problems that may and do result from: External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power; Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions provided by manufacture; Failure to follow the product instructions provided by manufacture or failure to perform preventive maintenance; or Problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not compatible with the product. Non Compliance with the Global Mind Technologies Trainer instructions for resolving the query.

Globalmind Technologies allows you to build your career, and then after that it is a training firm. Once you pay for the training course, all of the classes are performed by experienced and skillful corporate trainers. This course is great because of the trainers who runs it. There discusses shows you how to create a modern marketing strategy from nothing. Even if you already have some sort of strategy in place, the course is designed to have you generate a marketing project using several platform to help guide you. You will also have to identify your priorities, concepts to use, and write descriptions and your story. We are sole responsible to help you with and only corporate trainings

It’s great because by the end you have something ready to go as opposed to just having the knowledge to put something together later. Best Wishes for your upcoming corporate career.

What Student Says

The SAS training facilities available in Global Mind Technologies are really good. I am happy that I have chosen Global Mind Technologies for my SAS training.

I have done my JAVAcourse in Global Mind Technologies. The JAVA training done through fast track with just two Global Mind Technologies trainees. Thanks to all.

I changed to better job after learning Business Analysis training course from Global Mind Technologies. I am always thankful to the faculties for teaching real-time concepts in business analysis.

Jordan Smith